The birth of our Ketogenic Passion

Hi there, we are Jason and Nooreen, owners of Karibu Café, and passionate about good food, good coffee, and healthy living.

About 4 years ago, shortly after we opened Karibu, we found ourselves wanting to make a healthy change to our food and lifestyle choices, and that’s when we discovered a Low Carb Healthy Fat way of eating.

We soon discovered that we weren’t just “on a diet”, we had adopted a lifestyle that brought with it amazing benefits, and we were hooked. Within six months we had both lost weight and were looking and feeling fantastic, with so much energy that we never thought possible. It sounds strange, but we lost weight as a side effect from eating a high good fat diet, with moderate protein intake and low carb. This included the elimination of all sugar. Based on the principles starting from William Banting in 1861, to the amazing work by Professor Noakes in South Africa and his book ‘The Real Meal Revolution’.

We were amazed and excited, and we realised not long after starting that we were in the perfect position to share these ketogenic benefits with our customers.

Our Karibu Today


Since including paleo and ketogenic friendly meals and beverages along with our regular menu items, we are proud to have gained a reputation as a friendly, healthy, and affordable café that supports and encourages healthy eating. Nothing makes us happier than being able to share good health, and to see our customers enjoying delicious food and specialty coffees that are born from our passion for the low-carb, high fat lifestyle.


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