Lovingly made by our baristas

At Karibu, we are passionate about crafting high quality coffee. We pride ourselves on bringing out the aromatic flavours and smooth tones found in our Australian roasted beans. With every cup, we focus on the grind, dose, and tamping our coffee with care to create the ideal conditions for extraction. The temperature and texture of the milk brings together an exquisite coffee every time.

Whether you enjoy a flat white, latte, Bulletproof, the baristas at Karibu are ready to make your perfect cup.

We also provide a range of dairy-free milk alternatives including coconut, soy,  #UPGRADED almond,  & lactose free.

Bulletproof Coffee Specialists

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Owner and barista, Jason Allegretta, is a part of a global network of people who’s aim is to research and share the benefits of the ketogenic lifestyle. As part of this passion, Karibu is one of very few cafe’s to serve genuine Bulletproof coffee in Western Australia.

Not only do we use Bulletproof products in our butter coffee, we also source high quality, organic ingredients to bring you a variety of unique and distinctive beverages.

Take a look below at a selection of  amazing creations we have on offer, and be sure to pop in at Subiaco to discover more unique flavours.

Vanilla Matcha

Finest quality Green Matcha, organic grass-fed butter, and vanilla

Bulletproof BOSS (Caffeine free)

Try our revitalising, caffeine-free Rooibus Red espresso with organic grass-fed butter, Brain octane oil and cinnamon

No Coffee Latte (Caffeine free)

Brain Octane, Vanilla Max,organic grass-fed butter, stevia

Turmeric Spice Latte

Add some punch to your day with full fat milk, coconut oil, and stevia, blended with turmeric and ceylon cinnamon.

Vanilla Bomb Latte

Treat yourself to one of our favourites. Coconut milk, pink salt, vanilla, and coconut oil, spiced with ceylon cinnamon.

Hot Coco Cocoa

Warm the soul with Coconut milk, Upgraded Chocolate ™, and coconut whipped cream.


If you enjoy our butter coffee so much that you want to get your fix at home, Karibu also stocks a range of products for you to purchase.


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