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Passionate and powerful, Stephanie Person is a woman whose life is dedicated to helping the lives of others. Now a Ketogenic Consultant and coach, she explains how the ketogenic diet not only saved her mother’s life, but transformed her own life and those of her clients.

How did you become a proponent for the ketogenic lifestyle?

I became a huge proponent of the ketogenic diet when I started veraciously researching and learning about the benefits of ketogenesis 7 years ago, when she was diagnosed with a terminal glioblastoma (brain cancer). My brother and I took a radical approach in desperately trying to stop cancer growth by cutting out all processed carbohydrates, sugars and most importantly upping my mother’s fats grams essential for sustenance and satiation.

How did you apply ketogenic principles to your mother’s life?

In the desperate attempts to save my mother’s life my brother encouraged my mother to eat organic cruciferous vegetables, very little protein and quite a lot of berries for their antioxidants benefits. I understood although that kind of clean eating had incredible detoxing benefits it was not sustainable without upping her fat. I started by calling my mother every day to ensure she added a lot more fat to her meals.

What about your own life and that of your clients?

After witnessing my mother survive terminal brain cancer I became compelled to try the ketogenic diet and its benefits on myself. In the first 2 years I experimented with my ketogenic macros until finally I highly keto adapted with outstanding physical gains. I then knew it was time to administer the ketogenic principles and incredible benefits to my personal training clients. I took 8 personal training clients/ subjects over a 2 year period and monitored their ketogenic macros, sleep, exercise, stress and sleep quality. All 8 subjects dropped body fat without losing muscle. They all had amazing improvements in all areas of metabolic derangement and I even witnessed them coming off medications taken for years.

What is your favourite keto meal?

My favourite ketogenic meal is just eating real unprocessed organic food with some of my favourite fats such as duck fat, coconut oil, beef tallow and a lot of butter smothered all over every meal

What is your best advice for people eating out keto style?

My best advice for people ordering a ketogenic meal out would be to order the cleanest dish of organic or free ranges fatty meats with such as chicken wing, thigh, or leg, salmon, grass fed beef, pork belly and egg/egg yolks. By ordering a fatty protein type with my meal I would also order veggies from the cruciferous family such as spinach, kale, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, and asparagus. With every meal I order at a restaurant I ask for a side of butter, olive oil or avocado for my very important fat macros that would make up 80% macros on my plate. If they do not have those types of fats on the menu I’ll bring my own fats, like a pre-mixed salad dressing made from olive oil and mct oil. Oh, and I always have an avocado in my purse.

What are your thoughts on Karibu’s passion for offering a Keto-friendly environment?

I love Karibu Cafe and the staff because they are on the forefront of ketogenesis. They take risks by presenting the most revolutionary way to get strong and healthy by offering super yummy, creative and well-presented ketogenic foods, drinks and products to the public. Karibu Cafe kick ass because they understand the profound benefits of a ketogenic lifestyle to their own health and just want to share the ketogenic diet to all who want to learn about the benefits. They also help educate the public by answering any questions they may have about the rewards of eating keto.

If you want to know more about Stephanie, check out her website or take a look at her YouTube videos.

Stephanie Person: From near-tragedy to triumph

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